Frequently Asked Questions

Conference Logistics

Will the conference be streamed again this year?

YES, we will be streaming MagnoliaJS 2023! The event will be streamed via YouTube this year.

COVID & Other Illnesses

Can I come to MagnoliaJS 2024 if I'm sick?

No. Regardless of if you have COVID or some other communicable illness, we encourage you to stay at home. If you are sick, please let us know and we will work with you to either refund your ticket, transfer it to someone else, or transfer it to next year's event.

Do I have to wear a mask at the event?

No. Masks are encouraged, but not required at MagnoliaJS 2024. N95 masks will be available at registration.

Check our COVID-19 Policy page for more information.

About MagnoliaJS

Why MagnoliaJS?

The Magnolia is the state flower and state tree of Mississippi! Mississippi is also known as "The Magnolia State" and as of January 11, 2021, a Magnolia blossom is featured prominently on our state flag.

For MagnoliaJS 2021, we created stickers featuring the new flag for the state of Mississippi and sent them to Mississippi residents. Those are now available for purchase to help fund future events!



Can I speak at MagnoliaJS 2024?

Our CFP hasn't opened yet, but be on the look out for when it does!