MagnoliaJS will return! 👻

Audience at MagnoliaJS 2022.

About MagnoliaJS

MagnoliaJS is a software development conference in Jackson, Mississippi. With MagnoliaJS, we want to highlight Mississippi's growing and thriving developer talent in the heart of the Hospitality State. Now in its fifth year, we are building on the success from previous years and continuing to work to bring developers from around the nation to Jackson, MS to showcase the city, state, and community we are building here in Mississippi.

MagnoliaJS is run by native Mississippians, Kayla and Richard Sween.

Previous Years

If you'd like to see the talks from MagnoliaJS 2021, 2022, and 2023, check out the MagnoliaJS YouTube channel!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Feel free to take a look at our sponsorship prospectus to learn more about sponsorship opportunities for MagnoliaJS 2024 and please let us know if your company is interested in sponsoring!